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This weeks update:
By request, Louise wears a velvet skirt, velvet blouse and velvet headband with even a velvet necklace..
Guess the theme here is... velvet :-)

Superb movie of Eileen and Mike, they jump and play in the perfect clay and have fun going face-first all in!
He is wearing a baggy pants with guns-n-roses T-shirt under a jeans shirt, plus sneakers and socks he loses in the mud.
She came in a red denim pants under a black shirt, wearing brand new ES skater shoes that got stuck as well!
You can also check out the demo-clip at our youtube channel!

(also pay-per-download at www.wetlookstore.com

Very long movie of Daphne in an intimate mudding session. She chats and laughs 
and enjoys playing with the mud, even it's a bit cold outside...

(also pay-per-download at www.wetlookstore.com

On this site you will find real girls posing and playing in the mud.
The girls have big fun doing the dirty things they could only dream of when they were young!
This is where mud becomes art!