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This weeks update:
New girl Eileen in a smashing jeans outfit wades in thin mud and merges herself under the mud

Movie of Chrissy in shorts and blouse getting completely muddy and washing it off 

Gorgeous but just a little bit mud... Yael came to do a mudshoot but due to flooding our whole area was covered in water. 
She was very forthcoming, trying to make her own mud, but it just wasn't enough to roll in....She will come back soon!

Movie of Melanie, taking a belly-dive in some undeep mud and covering herself halfway

Tanja, aka Abby Winters' Iskra in a pink gypsy wedding dress in some sandy mud shows her dress

On this site you will find real girls posing and playing in the mud.
The girls have big fun doing the dirty things they could only dream of when they were young!
This is where mud becomes art!